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ESCORT ZR5 and ESCORT ZW5 are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle and gives you advanced ticket protection against all laser speed guns (including Dragon Eye) as well as the ability to integrate into existing ESCORT windshield mounted detectors*.

Completely redesigned, the ZR5 and ZW5 give you smaller, more powerful laser shifters that defeat the latest in laser-based speed detection technology. The ZR5 Laser Shifter includes two ShifterMax sensors, bridge box, in-vehicle controller and interface enabling the Shifter System to either be used independently or through a direct wire cord to plug into existing ESCORT windshield mounted detectors for complete radar & laser protection. The ZR5 is also expandable with two additional ShifterMax sensors for a total of four shifters providing maximum front or rear laser protection.

The ZW5 Shifter System is designed to wirelessly integrate with ESCORT windshield mounted detectors by allowing full audio and visual alert output as well as complete ShifterMax system control all through the windshield mounted detector in real time. The ZW5 includes a wireless interface, bridge box, ZW5 Smartcord, and two ShifterMax sensors. The interface mounts under the hood and communicates to the ESCORT windshield unit through wireless technology.

Escort ZW5 with SmartCord (12V Cigarette Lighter Power)
A 12V SmartCord which plugs into a cigarette lighter accessory outlet in the cabin makes installation convenient.

ZW5 interface and ZW5 Direct Wire

ZR5 and ZW5 are both available now for $849.95

*ZW5 is currently compatible with MAX 360c, MAX 360 and REDLINE EX. Compatibility with the following detectors will be added at a later date: Passport MAX, MAX 2, MAX 360, ESCORT iX, PASSPORT, X70, X80, and Beltronics GT-7.

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