Radar detectors

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It happens many times in the real life that you are driving with the other traffic around you, in a safe way, but are driving 5, 10 or sometimes 15 km/h faster than the allowed maximum speed. To avoid fines (a point deduction from your license), we use radar detectors.

There are many kinds of equipment in the market. To have a good overview, it is important to diversify the categories of equipment.

GPS Equipment
GPS equipment is based on American satellites and makes it possible to locate your actual position. The most common consumer application nowadays is a Navigation system. Such navigation systems are also able to route you to Points of Interests, like shopping centers, tank stations, etc.
Another consumer application is a GPS speed Camera Locator. This product has also a list of Points of Interests that contains most of the fixed camera's, dangerous locations and frequently used mobile inspection locations. Once you come in a distance of 500 meters from such location, you will receive a warning.
Those GPS speed camera Locators are also able to warn you if you drive faster than a maximum speed setting.
This kind of equipment is not receiving information from speed camera's, nor disturbing the operation of speed camera's, but is only receiving a database from internet with the actual speed camera information.

Radar Detector Equipment
A widely used technique for speed cameras is the use of Radar. A radar beam is emitted to the road. If a vehicle is passing, then a reflected signal in a slightly modified frequency will be reflected. The difference in frequency is a measure for the speed of the vehicle. In case the vehicle goes too fast, then a photograph is made.
A radar detector is a receiver (like a car radio is a receiver).
A flash camera is a transmitter and a receiver (like a radio station is a transmitter, and has also a receiver).
The radar detector is not disturbing the operation of the flash camera. (Like the car radio is also not disturbing the radio station).
Once the radar detector is receiving some information from a frequency like a flash camera, then the radar detector starts to make an alarm. This will notify the users that he (or she) has to check his (or her) behavior and correct anything that is not OK.
A lot of automatic doors and recently car's BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) plus CAS (collision avoidance system) are working on the same frequency as a Speed Camera, so the radar detector manufacturers respond adding filters to their radar detectors that helps to minimize false alerts.

RadarJammer Equipment
On the contrary, a RadarJammer is a transmitting device. The RadarJammer does "jam" the radar, by sending too much signal to the receiver of the radar. This kind of equipment is illegal for all countries.

Laser Detector Equipment

Another technique that is widely used for mobile speed checks by police officers is Laser. The speed check equipment points a laser beam to the license plate of the car. Within a second, a complete measurement is made of the speed of the car. So the speed check equipment is both a transmitter and a receiver for the Laser signal.
The Laser detector is only a receiver. It has the capability of receiving laser light through a lens, like a photo camera. The laser detector is only sensitive for the laser light of 904 nm that is being used by this kind of equipment. Once this laser light is detected, a warning signal will be made to the user. This will notify the user that he has to check his behavior, and correct anything that is not OK.

LaserJammer Equipment
A Laser Jammer is a transmitter device. It transmits a Laser signal that does 'jam' the speed check equipment, so the police officers cannot make a speed check with their device. This kind of equipment is illegal for most countries.

The Radar detectors do have a combined Laser and Radar detection circuitry. The devices are only receivers, not transmitters. The devices comply with the American(FCC),European rules, and have the CE marking and E-marking for automotive products. The radar detector uses a super heterodyne receiver with scanning frequency discrimination technology and a linear polarization. The Laser detector uses a pulse Laser signal receiver with optimized lenses.
The GPS Locators ,most of them,do have GPS Sirf Star III technology for the optimum positioning.
None of the radar detectoors does transmit signals that disturb the police enforcement equipment. The value for the user is that they are warned to behave themselves correctly, so extra attention is generated for police enforcement. There are always technologies and circumstances that are hard to detect by a kind of equipment, so the user doesn't have a license to speed with such kind of equipment.
I believe that the radar detectors are valuable for frequent drivers, as well for the police and road safety. It will limit the small fines for little speeding. I hope that the lawmakers do realize that the objective is to look for road safety, not for sending millions of small fines.
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How police radar and radar detectors work in simple words

A police radar gun is a radio wave transmitter combined with a radio wave receiver. The gun shoots out radio waves at a specific frequency. The radio waves travel through the air bouncing off objects they encounter. Some of these reflected waves will make it back to the radar gun. The waves that reflect off an object which is moving undergo a Doppler Shift. This Doppler Shift causes a change in the frequency of the radio wave. The radar gun uses this change in frequency to calculate speed of the moving vehicle. The good thing about a radar beam is that it is very wide and bounces around quite a bit.

A radar detector is a radio receiver similar in nature to the radio antenna on cars used to pick up radio stations, that is tuned to the specific frequencies radar guns use. A radar detector’s job, however, is to pick up and alert the driver to police radar before the reflected signal is strong enough to make it back to the officer and give them a speed reading. Detection of weak signals is very important for radar detectors and they use a horn antenna design to accomplish this. The detector creates internal signals and then compares these to the signals picked up by its horn.

Uniden R1&R3 antenna
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Redline EX is a new detector, it is undetectable and international (it detects Multaradar CD / CT, Gatso and Strelka) by Escort. It has two antennas, GPS, OLED display and Bluetooth.
Let's start.

Packaging is very good...

It is so good that it has endured the two-month hassle of traveling along with the customs :angry:

All contents are well sealed in bags...

Inside the transport-storage bag we will find the detector, mount and power cord

The power cord, in addition to the operating and notification displays, also has a USB charging port 2A , so the power supply is still available for our smart devices.

Redline EX looks very robust with a very good fitting of its plastic. (The only one who still has a magnesium case is ValentineOne)

I would say quite heavy

On the right side there is a RJ45 socket for the power cable, a mini usb port and behind the black round plug there is a 3.5mm jack for stereo headphones (!)

That's for now. I will come back with the first available opportunity. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Whistler CR97

The Whistler Group, Inc. and Radar Roy Enterprises, LLC., operating as Radarbusters.com, announce a partnership for the exclusive launch of the newest Whistler laser-radar detector, CR97. The CR97 is a maximum performance detector with the latest in technology for improved sensitivity, distance and processing of false alerts.

The WHISTLER CR97 is the most recent radar detector to offer MMIC technology for maximum sensitivity and range and is Whistler’s most sensitive GPS enhanced radar detector model with performance improvements on X, K, and Ka bands. In addition to the increase in performance, the CR97 continues to develop and enhance user selectable features allowing the user to customize the unit to their precise driving environment.

The built-in GPS provides alerts using information from Whistler’s Veri-Light database containing thousands of red-light camera and speed camera locations across North America. Additional features allow the user to customize their CR97 to provide alerts when driving above or below a user selectable speed.

The CR97 also offers Whistler’s latest technology in identifying and eliminating false alerts, as well as key features like bilingual (English/Spanish) text and voice alerts and Radar and Laser Signature ID. With these added features and the many standard Whistler features, the CR97 is the new gem in Whistler’s detector line.

Value for money radar detector with practical features. The CR97 is priced at $249
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ESCORT MAX 360c, the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car. With built-in Wi-Fi, the MAX 360c updates through the on-board Wi-Fi connection. The MAX 360c connects directly to the connected car's Wi-Fi and automatically connects to ESCORT Live, without the need for your smartphone to connect to the detector.
If you don't have a connected car or Wi-Fi signal, When you get home or park near a Wi-Fi connection, the detector will automatically update to the latest software and firmware, without having to remove the unit from the car.

The 360c also includes the EZ Mag Mount™ that offers the most simple and secure installation. It attaches and releases the detector with a mere magnetic touch and eliminates all bouncing or detachment during a drive.

The ESCORT MAX 360c also includes:

  • 360 Degree Directional Alert Arrows – Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source.
  • Dual antennas for front and rear detection
  • GPS Intelligence – Access to the largest, most-up-to-date database of speed & red-light cameras and speed traps. You can mark your own "hot spots" using the Mark Location feature
  • IVT Filter™: Updateable system automatically reduces false alerts from external In-Vehicle Technology sources such as collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control
  • SmartCord® USB – Premium power cord features convenient USB charging port, power LED, alert LED and Mute button.
  • Dual Language – Includes English & Spanish voice and text

The MAX 360c is priced at $649.95

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Uniden released firmware 1.46 for R1 and R3.

The major changes are:
  • MRCD / MRCT (Alert priority: Laser, MRCD, Ka, K, X)
  • Customizable tones for Multaradar
  • Lockouts now available for Ka band as an option, also enables MRCD lockouts
  • Ka bogey tone, alerts for new signal > 5 MHz different, customizable new bogey tones
  • TSF returned to v1.25, better for drivers in CO
  • Dark mode blinking dot
  • Brightness setting for dark mode
  • Uniden boot logo color now matches main display color
  • Default display color is now red (helps with burn-in)
  • Maximum display brightness reduced slightly
  • AM/PM design changed
  • R3: GPS lockouts now allow for 500 locations, up from 200
  • R3: Manual user points up to 500, up from 200
  • R3: Ability to mute a RLC alert or delete it
  • R3: Latest GPS database
Download the firmware update from Uniden’s website, here. (Click on the gray button labeled “Firmware” and you will see the download links.)
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