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FCA Heritage sponsors the first edition of Archivissima

From 6 to 8 June, Turin is hosting the first edition of Archivissima, the international festival of archives that will bring the city's cultural institutions and historic companies to life thanks to a free programme of events staged in dozens of locations throughout the city. FCA Heritage is sponsoring the event with the shared aim of enhancing and promoting traditional heritage, a mission that is at the centre of the department that protects the history of FCA's Italian brands.

For the duration of the event, the famous Centro Storico Fiat-located in the elegant art nouveau style building in Via Chiabrera 20 in Turin-will host an exhibition entitled "Behind the adverts", which will offer the general public a close-up look at a number of precious poster sketches from the museum's collection, displayed in digitised format for the first time. Previously unpublished artworks will go on show, including reproductions and originals of preparatory drawings by illustrators such as Mario Sironi, Giuseppe Romano, Plinio Codognato, Giuseppe Riccobaldi, Marcello Dudovich and Mario Puppo, which document techniques, stylistic transformations and the search for a language with which to promote the company and its products throughout the course of the 20th century.

On the one hand, the draft posters depict cars, trucks, tractors, seaplanes, trains and washing machines-all bearing the Fiat brand-and on the other hand, warriors, explorers, elegant or daydreaming ladies, bell boys, businessmen and even metropolises, factories and wheat fields. By recombining these ingredients, the sketches recapture-sometimes with refreshing results superior to the final adverts, which are themselves exhibited at the Centro Storico Fiat-the ideals of elegance, speed, power and essential lines that were the shared legacy of the company and the leading artistic movements of the 20th century.

In order to make the exhibition available to the widest possible public, the Centro Storico Fiat will operate extended opening hours during Archivissima: from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm on 6 and 7 June, and from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm on 8 June. Furthermore, to mark the third edition of The night of the archives, on the evening of 8 June starting at 8:30 pm, the Centro Storico Fiat will host the reading of a story by author Stefano Trinchero inspired by its archive materials. This will be followed by a flashmob performance entitled "Turin-Detroit and back. The dawn of Fiat Fordism" by students from the Liceo Coreutico Germana Erba dance school and finally a short roundtable discussion.

The building in which the Centro Storico Fiat is located was built in 1907 and was the first extension of the original workshop situated in Corso Dante where Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) was established. Since 1963 it has hosted a permanent exhibition illustrating the establishment and technological, social and economic development of Fiat. In 2011 the exhibition area was expanded for the celebrations organised for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and today spans over 3000 square metres.

The museum illustrates the excellence of Fiat technology in all areas. Interesting exhibits include the first aviation engine built in 1908, war and farming production, a Littorina motor coach used on Italian railways in the 1930s, massive marine engines, bicycles and electrical appliances, which characterised the birth of the consumer society in Italy after World War II. Of course, cars are the stars of the show: vintage models created in the first half of the 1900s which still express all the charm of modernity today.

The key stages of Fiat's proud history are presented in an enormous collection of cars, memorabilia, models, advertising posters and a huge archive. Currently, the Centro Storico documents Fiat's activities during the 20th century in various areas and includes over 5000 meters of paper documents, 300,000 technical drawings, 18,000 posters, 1300 sketches, 5000 books and magazines on automotive and industrial history, 6 million pictures and 200 hours of historical films.

The reconstructions of the shop floors of Fiat's most symbolic plants illustrate the evolution of manufacturing methods, from the humble hand-crafted beginnings in the first workshop in Corso Dante to the Mirafiori assembly line of the 1950s and the office of Dante Giacosa, the engineer who designed the Topolino, the 600 and the 500, which are the cars that put Italy on wheels.

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Abarth 124 rally Unstoppable on Both Dirt and Tarmac

  • First win of the season on dirt roads for Florin Tincescu (ROM) and Alina Pop (ROM), who are now leading their category and are eleventh in the overall ranking in the Rumanian Rally Championship.
  • In Italy, young driver Christopher Lucchesi (ITA) and Marco Pollicino (ITA) took their fourth success of the season in the Italian Championship R-GT category, in the Rallye Elba.[/li]
The Abarth 124 rally confirmed to be the one to watch out for on dirt roads and on tarmac alike in two very different races last weekend.

In Italy, handling qualities of the Abarth 124 rally excelled on the tortuous roads of the special stage on the tarmac of the Rallye Elba, propelling young Christopher Lucchesi (ITA) and his co-driver Marco Pollicino (ITA) to their third win of the season in the R-GT category. The two finished ahead of Bernini Rally team mates Andrea Modanesi (ITA) and co-driver Roberto Mometti (ITA).

With these two victories, the 124 rally has collected 14 category wins this season in the Italian, French, Romanian, Slovenian and Spanish Championships, in addition to a well-deserved four-of-a-kind in the Rally Tour de Corse round of the FIA R-GT world championship.

In Romania, the Arad Rally was particularly demanding and discriminating, with off-road special stages alternating with fast stretches and rough trails through the woods. These conditions did not slow down young Rumanian Florin Tincescu, who was tackling the dirt roads for the first time in a rear-wheel drive car. "My Abarth 124 rally was extremely reliable, above all considering that we did not hold back, not even on the roughest patches", he declared at the end of the race. "It was a really tough and selective race and also for this reason I am particularly satisfied of our success".

In Rallye Elba, both the Abarth 124 rally cars cut the finish line confirming their reliability and the excellent results corroborated its performance. Once again, Lucchesi (ITA) led the race from start to finish and had the satisfaction of making excellent time on the longer timed stages of the very spectacular and exciting course crossing the rugged island of Napoleon's exile. "Four wins in four races mean I can seriously stake my claims to winning the Italian R-GT championship, which was my goal for this season", he declared. "The outstanding reliability of the Abarth 124 rally is the key element for accomplishing this feat".
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New 2019 Jeep® Renegade to Receive European Preview at Torino Motor Show

The Jeep® brand will reveal the new 2019 Jeep Renegade for Europe at the opening day of the Torino Motor Show on June 6. In spectacular Valentino Park, enthusiasts will be able to see the most recent version of the Jeep Renegade at this one-of-a-kind event, which is a homage to the fans of the brand and to the show's host city.

The Jeep Renegade set a new benchmark in the B-SUV segment in 2014 by blending the legendary Jeep brand's off-road capabilities with dimensions and styling perfect for enjoying the city lifestyle. The new model year 2019 will feature a refreshed look and new engines.

A new family of three and four-cylinder petrol engines - a 1.0-litre delivering 120hp and a 1.3-litre delivering 150hp or 180hp - will be introduced to deliver even better efficiency and performance.

The new engine family will reassert the power and appeal of the Jeep Renegade in the segment, by staying ahead of the market and customer demands.

More details about the 2019 Jeep Renegade will be communicated during the presentation to the international press in the second half of June.

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Triumph of the European Tour of Fiat 500 at the NC Awards

  • The "Fiat 500 Forever Young Experience" Project wins the gold medal in the "Best Event" and "Best Guerrilla Marketing" categories.
  • The panel appreciated the originality of the tour which celebrated the 60th anniversary of Fiat 500 last year.
  • The tour landed in Cannes, Munich and Madrid, recreating 1957 with extras in full costume, shops and vintage Fiat 500s.
  • Until now the project has collected 11 national and international accolades.

The NC Awards ceremony took place in Teatro Elfo Puccini in Milan last week. Each year, key names from the marketing and communication worlds join the panel for these awards - created by ADC Group publishers to celebrate integrated marketing communications in Italy. This year, the "Fiat 500 Forever Young Experience" Project won a prestigious gold medal in the "Best Event" and "Best Guerrilla Marketing" categories.

The tour has collected 11 national and international accolades until now, including the coveted " GrandPrix 2018 ".

Created by the Ideal agency, the project reproduced 1957 in three cities - Cannes, Munich and Madrid - to celebrate the 60th birthday of the Fiat 500 and recreate a genuine journey through time. Each leg of the tour expressed the local culture of the chosen locations. It ended in Madrid with a jaw-dropping event featuring nearly one hundred actors and extras in full costume, charming vintage shops representing some of the best Italian-made fashion, food and design, and classic Fiat 500 cars.

The undisputed star of the "The Fiat 500 Forever Young Experience" Project was the 500 special edition dedicated to the 60th anniversary. The numbered limited edition paraded like a movie star along the seafront at Cannes - the French town famous for its International Film Festival - and was greeted by thousands of tourists who never stopped photographing it. It received the same kind of ovation on the distinctive Wiener Platz in Munich - one of the Bavarian city's most famous locations with a small permanent market and nearby Hofbräuhaus beer-cellar. Over seven thousand visitors thronged in the lively Calle Jorge Juan da Calle de Serrano - one of Madrid's biggest urban entertainment areas - lighting it up with flashes from their cameras and smartphones as they photographed the car as well as the splendid set created to showcase the timeless Italian icon.

The new 500 Collezione enjoyed a similarly warm welcome. Its own European tour ended a few days ago in Madrid after having touched Milan, London, Berlin and Paris, which are the international capitals of fashion, style and art. The 500 Collezione, the thirteenth special edition to be launched over the past eleven years, modelled on these prestigious catwalks. The Fiat 500 has always been a trendsetter which, while remaining true to itself, has been re-interpreted over the years. It has been linked to a number of iconic brands from the worlds of fashion, luxury yachts, art and sport, to name a few, in an array of special editions created to explore unusual territories for a city-car. The prestigious selection features a number of tributes to the iconic Fiat, such as the 500-60esimo and Anniversario versions, launched last year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the great little car.

Launched in 1957 and asserted over the years as the symbol of mass motorisation in Italy, Fiat 500 was reborn in 2007 when the new model debuted - and went on to become a global phenomenon. This is demonstrated with over two million cars sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Over 80% of sales are outside of Italy and the 500 has been the best-seller in its segment in Europe since 2013. In the first four months of 2018, the 500 was the market leader in nine countries (UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia) and in the top three in seven others (Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria). Also in the first four months of 2018, in its eleventh year, the 500* broke its own record with over 74,000 cars sold in Europe.

* Fiat 500 and Abarth 500 versions in total.

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The Abarth 124 Rally adds two new victories at the Spanish and French Rally Championships

  • Fourth place overall in Spain for the 124 Rally driven by Monarri (SPA), while Sanjuàn (SPA) wins the R-GT and is leader in the 2WD class
  • In the Rallye des Vosges in France, the Frenchman Astier takes the 124 Rally to victory in the R-GT and is 11th overall in the 2WD.
  • Success in the Rally Italia Sardegna for the Abarth 500 R3T with the Rally Italia Talent team.
  • In the ADAC F4 Championship powered by Abarth, German Zahid, Brazilian Fittipaldi and New Zealander Lawson win at the Red Bull Ring.

The Abarth 124 Rally remains the one to beat in the R-GT class of the most important European rally championships. A row of 16 class successes with excellent positions.
In the Rallye de Ourense in Spain, the fourth round of the Spanish Tarmac Rally Championship, the Abarth 124 Rally of Alberto Monarri (SPA) and Rodrigo Sanjuan (SPA) just missed the podium, obtaining an excellent fourth place overall and first place in the R-GT and 2WD categories. Thanks to this success, the crew of the SMC Junior Motorsport team consolidates its leadership in the 2WD category of the Iberian Championship Trophy. They are also in fourth position overall in the Spanish Tarmac Rally Championship, just two lengths from being third.
A race that is growing: the wet and slippery road surface that characterised the first stage made the balance and performance of the Abarth 124 Rally stand out as it easily adapted to the changing characteristics of the Iberian track.
Alberto Monarri (SPA): "The Abarth 124 Rally has confirmed that it is among the most competitive and we have demonstrated, with a fantastic performance in weather conditions that, on paper, were not conducive to rear-wheel drive. However, it was just these conditions that showed off the strong points of our Abarth. Now we need to focus on the next races".
In the Rallye des Vosges in France, the fourth round of the Transalpine Championship, Raphael Astier (FRA) and Frédéric Vauclaire (FRA) held the lead in the race from start to finish in their 124 Abarth Rally, clocking up the best time in all 12 special trials. Also in France, the rain showcased the character and performance of the 124 Rally, which won in the GT-R and 2WD class, breaking the record. The 11th overall position was also very promising.
Raphael Astier - who replaced Nicolas Tschamintal (FRA) on this occasion as he was taking part in the World Championship in Sardinia for the French Federation's youth project - at the end of the competition, said: "I am very happy with this result! The Abarth 124 Rally is now the most competitive R-GT, especially on very slippery roads. As we have already seen in the Tour de Corse, when the first four positions were held by Abarth cars".
In Sardinia, the Aci Rally Italia Talent crew, formed by Andrea Nori, 22 years old from Bassano del Grappa and Sofia Peruzzi, 22 years old from Montecchio Maggiore, won the RC3 class at the Rally Italia Sardegna, the only Italian race that is valid for the World Rally Championship. Nori and Peruzzi were rewarded for taking part in this race by being the best out of a selection of 7000 participants.
At the same time, in Austria around thirty very young drivers put on a great show in the fourth round of the ADAC F4 Championship powered by Abarth, which took place at the Red Bull Ring circuit. All three races were very hard-fought and there were three different winners on the podium. In Race 1, victory went to Enzo Fittipaldi (grandson of two-time F1 world champion, Emerson), in Race 2, it went to the German Lirim Zendeli, and in the third round, to the New Zealander Liam Lawson. These three drivers fought for first place in the overall championship classification, in which Zendeli (DEU) took first place with 199 points, followed by Lawson (175) and Fittipaldi (138). In the Rookies class, the young David Schumacher (son of Ralf) is second, preceded by fellow countryman Niklas Krutten.

The R-GT category wins of Abarth 124 rally in 2018:

25 March - Brasov Rally (Romania) Tincescu-Pop (ROM) (9th overall)

25 March - Rally Il Ciocco (Italy) Lucchesi-Pollicino (ITA) (24th overall)

25 March - Vallaska Rally (Czech Rep.) Rada-Jugas (TCH) (37th overall)

8 April - Tour de Corse (France-World Championship) Astier-Vauclaire (FRA) (17th overall)

15 April - Criterium Jurassien (Switzerland) Wiessen-Wiessen (CH) (37th overall)

15 April - Sierra Morena (Spain) Monarri-Sanjuàn (SPA) (5th overall)

15 April - Rally Sanremo (Italy) Lucchesi-Pollicino (ITA) (26th overall)

22 April - Rally Vipavska (Slovenia) Nucita-Vozzo (ITA) (3rd overall)

6 May - Transylvania Rally (Romania) Tincescu-Pop (ROM) (4th overall)

6 May - Rally Islas Canarias (Spain) Monarri-Sanjuàn (SPA) (11th overall)

6 May - Targa Florio (Italy) Lucchesi-Pollicino (ITA) (25th overall)

13 May - Rallye Villa de Adeje (Spain) Monarri-Sanjuàn (SPA) (6th overall)

27 May - Rally dell'Elba (Italy) Lucchesi-Pollicino (ITA) (17th overall)

27 May - Arad Rally (Romania) Tincescu-Pop (ROM) (11th overall)

10 June - Rallye des Vosges (France) Astier-Vauclaire (FRA) (11th overall)

10 June - Rallye de Ourense (Spain) Monarri- Sanjuàn (SPA) (4th overall)

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Jeep® Brand Wins Big at the 2018 OFF ROAD Magazine Awards

  • Four Jeep® models achieve top placing in the OFF ROAD Magazine readers' choice awards
  • Jeep Wrangler triumphs in the 'Off-Road' category for fifth year in a row
  • Jeep Renegade named Best 'Sub-compact SUV' for the fourth consecutive year
  • Grand Cherokee is favorite luxury SUV among imported brands
  • All-new Jeep Wrangler - the fourth generation of the iconic Jeep off-road vehicle - places in the top in the 'Newcomer' category - even before its market launch in Europe
The Jeep® brand has underlined its legendary reputation by winning a number of top honours at the German SUV and 4x4 title OFF ROAD Magazine's annual Readers' Choice Awards.

With 174 models competing across 13 award categories, the Jeep brand stood out by winning two coveted first places, as already in the last two years. The iconic Jeep Wrangler won the 'Off-Roader' A category, for the fifth consecutive year, taking 29.4 percent of the expert readers' votes - well ahead of the second-placed (23.9 percent). It was also the first time the all-new Jeep Wrangler (JL), the fourth generation of the original off-road vehicle, received the OFF ROAD readers' award.

Meanwhile, the Jeep Renegade was named Best 'Subcompact' SUV in the C category, for a fourth year in a row. The Renegade was the first choice of OFF ROAD readers, earning 16.8 percent of the votes. This was a particularly impressive achievement as the Renegade is the first Jeep model ever to run in the sub-compact SUV class. Its unmistakable Jeep design, as well as its class-leading 4x4 capability, were particularly well received with OFF ROAD readers.

The flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee achieved second place in the B category 'luxury Off-roader', ahead of all other imported brands in Germany. The all-new Jeep Wrangler took a second place as best import vehicle in the 'Newcomer' category - a particularly important recognition as the model has yet to be launched in Europe and has actually never been seen on European roads.

The OFF ROAD Awards were started in 1982, giving enthusiastic readers of the specialist 4x4 magazine the chance to vote for their favourite models. Over 43,500 readers took part in the 2018 edition of the OFF ROAD polls.

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